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Coaching: Emotional

Did you know that 85% of depression, anxiety, heart attacks, cancer, and other illnesses are emotionally based? Did you know that certain imbalances in the body can create mental and emotional chaos? And all of these things are tied back into how we handle or not handle stress.

Everyone can benefit from having a toolbox full of tools for responding to stressful events instead of the chaotic chain-reaction approach. Just a few tools I use in balancing emotions is through EFT, emotional freedom technique, Trinfinity 8, and All For You Coaching.

I have studied and practiced EFT personally and professionally for nine (9) years now. 

Some of ways EFT can be used:

Eliminating Chocolate addiction
Fear of dogs
Cigarette smoking
Let go of the emotional pain of molestation
Fear of heights
Improve Spelling
Lose weight
Staying focused

Gary Craig, a Stanford engineer, was the founder of EFT. It is a simple and very effective tool in releasing the emotions out of the memory banks that are held in the cells of one's body. Results are achieved within moments instead of a lifetime of therapy. You can learn more through Gary Craig's website,

Remember if you're not working with someone who can see the whole picture, you're not getting all that you need. 

We all have the extraordinary coded within us, waiting to be
                 - Jean Houston